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 Michael Hammer was very well known as a business consultant. His book “Re-engineering the corporation: A manifesto for business revolution” , written with Jame Champy, was very influential, and widely used in business restructuring.

His process oriented view of business management is widely known and used, and his company is still highly influential in helping business and other organizations create efficient and effective operating structures.

1968. The SB degree in mathematics

1970. The SM in computer science

1973. The PhD in computer science

In his final year as a graduate student, Hammer worked at the IBM Watson Laboratory in Yorktownheights, NY, as a principal designer of a language called the business definition language, BDL, a fore runner of research in programming. Subsequently, Hammer developed new semantic models for database management while continuing involvement with major industrial database projects such as pioneering the distributed database system, SDD-1, at the computer corporation of America.

On receiving his PhD, Hammer was made assistant professor in the Laboratory for computer science at MIT. He was noted for his teaching in both regular subjects and in tutorial lectures for peers and business executives. His areas of interest included

1.    Database Management Systems

2.    Office Automation

3.    Management information systems

4.    Strategic planning for technology

1977. Associate professor

1979. Associate Director of the laboratory for computer science

1982. Hammer Taking leave from MIT, applied his expertise to found and lead Hammer and company, Inc.

1984. Hammer took on an adjunct professorship in the EECS Department at MIT, offering a practical undergraduate course on applications of computers to business [1] [3]

1990. Reengineering work: Don’t Automate, Obliterate [4]

1993. Reengineering the corporation: A manifesto for business revolution [1] [5]

1995. The Reengineering Revolution [3] [6]

1997. Beyond Reengineering: How the Process-Centered Organization is Channing Our Work and Our Lives [3] [7]

2001. The Agenda: What Every Business Must Do to Dominate the Decade [3] [8]

2007. The Process Audit, The PEMM is a new framework, as comprehensive as it is easy to apply, is helping Companies plan and execute process-based transformations.[9]

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