CIO需要的技能和素质 --- 美国著名CIO们对继任者的期望


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Informationweek上的一篇文章《What CIOs Want In Their Successors》,摘录个人有感受的几句话供大家分享:
1:CIO is a complex job that requires a range of technical and business skills and experience.
2:CIO may be brilliant technologists, but without the business engagement and leadership skills, they will not make it to the higher level.
3:CIO should put the emphasis on breadth of IT experience: software development, infrastructure, operations, architecture, project management.
4:Do you meet and talk with customer on a regular basis? Do you know them?
5:The best CIOs get to know, on both a professional and personal level, the senior line execs responsible for delivering their companies' core business results. They ask them how things really work, how decisions get made, They figure out the results those execs are accountable for and, most important, how the execs' performance is measured.
6:The CIO has to have the same broad leadership characteristics as any other C-level position -- listening, communicating, as well as leading.
7:CIO candidates must show demonstrable wins on projects, IT and otherwise.
he asked one of his direct reports to improve customer satisfaction with the company's phone system. "She established call-handling benchmarks. She interviewed VPs and LOB managers to understand how they measured customer satisfaction. She learned about call centers. She talked with customers. She put a technology project in place as well, and when process changes were completed, she demonstrated, using the same metrics, that satisfaction levels had increased significantly."



    1. 徐蕊 这个文章非常的好,我翻译成中文吧

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    1. 刘小锋 其实也不应该把CIO拔的很高,精IT,懂商业即可,否则,让CEO情何以堪那~(懂IT的CEO好像凤毛麟角)

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    1. 姜稳 好贴,先顶,一会看!

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