Infor CEO眼中的企业社交平台


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Infor CEO Charles Phillips (前Oracle总裁)对于企业社交平台的看法如下,个人感觉他的理念是对的,BPM领导厂商Pega也有类似的观点,但ERP、BPM等企业应用并不能覆盖所有的企业场景,比如有些场景目前企业还没有IT应用系统来支撑,所以通用类的企业社交应用还是有必要的(如IBM connection, Microsoft Yammer, Salesforce chatter)。

Infor CEO Charles Phillips has said that if an enterprise needs to use internal 'champions' to persuade other employees to use its social platform, a recommendation that is often made by the likes of, then implementation is a waste of money.
Mingle isn't a separate social platform, it is instead tightly integrated with other applications and businesses processes. Phillips argues that this will drive usage rates in the enterprise.
What you need when you are solving a business problem is the context, you need to be able to share the data, the customer order, the invoice, the asset - whatever is involved. You also need to know who has the authority and knowledge to work on any particular problem
Mingle allows you to follow everything, every business object, every customer, every piece of equipment. If it is a separate platform, no-one has the time to sit there and chat all day
Mingle isn't a replacement for email, it is just a better way to get your work done because it gives you the full context of information and transparency in your processes.



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