JODI的网络艺术作品 之 信息文本


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JODI的网络艺术作品 之 信息文本This website is based on TELETEXT/CEEFAX an emergency information channel on European television which was invented in 1974 by the BBC and is broadcasted together with the national TV channels in Europe. The purpose of these channels is  to provide practical basic information about the daily news, weather ;0 and citizen alarms in case of  catastrophies. A service which has become obsolete since the arrival of the internet, but which had a visual Low Bit digital appearance because it was designed to take as little possible bandwidth together with the television image. The TELETEXT channels are text only and we used an original TELETEXT editor to construct these 700 pages of unreadable INFORMATION pages in the same structure as such channel.

JODI的网络艺术作品 之 信息文本

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