JODI的网络艺术作品 之 错误的浏览器


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WWW.WRONGBROWSER.COM              1998-2000

This is a download website for different Browser programs made by JODI. There are 12 different "Browsers which can be downloaded and each of them is restricted to one domain extension as  (.ORG)  (.COM) (.NET) etc. This means that a specific browser is only working within that specific Domain name. For example the (.ORG) Browser can only display websites with the  (.ORG) name. The browsers visual appearance is  totally different from a normal Browser. The "Wrong" browser series are a research on the possibilities how websites can be visualized in different ways.

 JODI的网络艺术作品 之 错误的浏览器

JODI的网络艺术作品 之 错误的浏览器



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