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Now about the practical side on How to buy and collect Internet Art

A typical internet artwork is accessed via the website adress (for example:

This website adress is owned by the artist who has a contract with a WWW Domain name which he pays a small fee for owning this specific name. The contract is renewed every year and the pricing for  this varies between 10$(US) and 50$. When a buyer comes to the artist (or  Gallery) they need to agree on the price of the Artwork (typical price varies between 3000$(Us) and 50.000$. Then they will sign a contract which specifies the name and web adress of the work, similar as to any Art sale contract. The only difference for an Internet Art work is that in the contract it is stated that the buyer must keep this Artwork online on the internet at the same web adress as the artist has intended. So the (WWW) Domain name contract of the artist is being transferred by the artist to the ownership of the collector. The name of the collector is now officially registered at the Internet Domain name registry (InterNIC) as the sole, unique owner of this Domain ( That means to keep this (Internet Art) Domain online the new owner will be automatically charged a yearly 10$ fee ;) just like any other owner of a regular website. The Internet Art website is now the unique property and responsibility of the collector. In the contract it is very important that the collector understands that he is obliged to keep this Internet artwork online! But why else would he have bought an Internet Artwork than to keep it visually alive accessible on the internet ;) It is also stated in the contract that by further reselling the Art website, that the second (and following) owners are obliged to keep the Art website online. At first this may seem strange but it is standard with any Fine Art contract that the owner of an Artwork may not voluntarily destroy the Artwork (for example Burning the painting) and that is exactly what it is when an Internet Art work would not be kept online. Who buys paintings to burn them anyway ;))  


So the collector is now the owner of an Internet Artwork but what are possible ways to attract attention to his new Internet Art collection. As stated in the first part of this article we are living in an age where almost everyone on this planet has an online presence, a social network account, email etc For the online collector if he his working as an institution or private person, he probably has some personal related webpage and this is way where he can promote his digital portfolio. He can set up a specific (WWW) web adress for his collection where he explains and shows screenshot/photos and links about his online Internet Art collection. Institutions, galleries, private collectors, companies can make a special section on their website where they explain and link to the online artworks they own. for example it is very normal that company offices decorate their entrance hall and interiors with important artworks, an expensive painting or bronze sculpture to welcome visitors. In the same way the online presence of a company website can demonstrate their cultural sophistication and support to the arts by placing a link to  their Internet Art website collection. Most of todays company websites are generic and boring, so it would reflect well on their status if on the side of their website they could show visitors some interesting artworks of their online collection. A much greater number of visitors are coming to their website than to the "real world" physical showrooms anyway =;). This is the corporate scenario but for private collectors there are even much bigger advantages to an Internet Art portfolio. An internet artwork besides its online presence will also attract online feedback, comments and links from all over the internet. Connecting links will all be pointing to the owners collection website. The potential of Art historical importance will be growing together with the importance of the internet as 21st century daily life connectivity world wide increase. For an online Internet art collection there are no geographical borders and time schedules do not exist, the collection is open from everywhere anytime and the maintenance costs are only a fraction of what solid artworks require. The internet Artwork (Net.Art) is a world wide relational artwork being transmitted between an infinite many viewers and delivered directly to their emotional, critical understanding. The art happens on a personal viewing in a private situation, not in a gallery or Art museum decor but is available from everywhere in any home world wide. The Internet is as free as an Open source library, everyone can distribute his voice! The Internet may be the most important planetary Invention we have created until now for humankind. Details of our national economies and our private personal feelings are transmitted together over the same channels which are surveilled and analyzed by opposite world beliefs agencies. We know that we are being watched not only by cameras but by our daily data activity online. Against this negative abuse of the technological wonder of the Internet, an Internet artist knows that he is working within these difficult circumstances and is ready to publicize his critical voice to produce important Artworks of today.




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