JODI: 关于网络艺术的收藏(一)


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About Collecting (Internet) Art on Earth (WWW) 21st century XXI  (part 1)

Website and online art production by artists started directly at the beginning of the internet in 1995 and has been growing together with the internet. The world of 21 Century life on earth is defined by this global network in which we live today. All contemporary artists and citizens on this planet are confronted with this reality. The perspective we have about our planet is more complex and challenging than the view from the Moon that the astronauts sent us in 1968. Now it is 1984 :)... We understand that living together on Earth means that Earth citizens and societies are connecting beyond geographical national borders with ease and we experience that we live on a fragile WWW "ball Earth. We are World Wide connected by the Internet and can see our local lives on a global scale. The national cultures, economies, natures, and future developments are now being seen from a global perspective because of the World Wide Web. We know by personal proof our location on the planet and the differences we live in. THIS IS A MAJOR CHANGE compared to the previous generation, and Artists have a responsibility on reflecting this fundamental change. True artists of today will confront and react on these challenges.The "internet aware arts" are the only contemporary art forms that are reflecting the change of todays world. 

JODI:About Collecting (Internet) Art on Earth (WWW) 21st century XXI  (part 1)

True artists, art collectors and the general public want to see what is happening Today!!! By supporting the  Internet (WWW) arts, the contemporary art collector with an understanding to his unique moment in Present time can be patient  and understand that his digital investment will be of greater future importance than to copy the habits of a "modern art market system.

Internet art collections exist already in major art institutes for example at the Whitney museum NewYork ( NewYork)  but the private collector has still many possibilities for important contributions in this field.

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